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We are distributors located in Mumbai for a wide range of Xylem Flygt submersible, dewatering, slurry, sewage pumps and submersible mixers. Flygt is the flagship brand of Xylem and the worlds no 1 submersible pump manufacturer. We have standard Flygt pumps in ready stock. Our service technicians ensure local service backup in India for these highly sophisticated Flygt pumps. Our repair workshop at Chiplun, India has facilities to repair Xylem Flygt submersible pumps and mixers.

More than 70 years ago Flygt invented the submersible dewatering pump, which is still the ideal choice for dewatering construction sites, draining the most demanding mines and quarries, removing water from tunneling projects and a number of general operations in a range of industrial applications. Together with surface-mounted pumps, we provide a wide array of dewatering products and services.

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Products Types & Technical Details

Small Dewatering Pumps

Products Description
Ready Model Pump

Small portable Pumps in stainless steel with capacity to handle liquid pH range of (3 to 9 pH)

Portable Dewatering Pumps

Products Description

Portable light weight Pumps for handling liquid with abrasive content. These are highly reliable pumps in the most challenging dewatering applications.

Heavy Duty Dewatering Pumps

Products Description

Pumps for Difficult dewatering applications for high heads & discharges with abrasive content of fluid.

Slurry pumps

Products Description

Pumps for Handling of thicker slurries in steel mill scale, ash content slurry and Coal mines, also available with agitator & side mounted mixers.

Axial Flow Pumps

Products Description

Low head heavy duty dewatering & flood control pumps. For very high discharge in canals and rivers.

Sewage Pumps

Products Description

Pumps suited for transportation & pumping of raw & treated sewage with a positive non-clog technology.

These pumps are best suited for dry-pit submersible installation in both horizontal and vertical installation type.

These Pumps serve as a alternative / retrofit to conventional sewage pumps in modernization of old pumping stations.

Submersible Mixers and Aerators

Submersible Mixers

Products Description

Xylem Flygt submersible mixers are used in mixing and keeping solids / particles in suspension for treatment plants, homogenization tanks, steel quenching tanks, digesters in biogas plants, Mud mixers in ships.

Flygt Jet Aerators/Mixers

Products Description

Used in coarse bubble aeration systems / aerators. also used in homogenization tanks. Also aids in keeping solids in suspension.

Accessories for Submersible Pumps and Mixers

Accessories & Spare Parts

Products Description

We offer all accessories required to be used with pumps and mixers. Level control float switches, relays for pump monitoring and control, special cables water resistant cables and high temperature cables. Original Flygt spare parts, mechanical seals and basic repair kits are available.

Repairs and Maintenance of Submersible Pumps and Mixers

Repairs and Maintenance

Products Description

We undertake repairs and maintenance of all Flygt submersible pumps and Mixers. A full fledged repair facility is located in Maharashtra where pumps of all ratings are repaired. The largest pump repaired at our workshop till date is 275 Kw.

Control Panels for Submersible Pumps and Mixers

Control Panels

Products Description

We manufacture a wide range of starter control panels, mcc panels, junction boxes. Panels are tailor made to suit the requirements of each customer and the site conditions.

Download Flygt Original Control Panels FCP 500 Catalouge (137 KB)

Download Ajay Industries Control Panels Catalouge (164 KB)

Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Horizontal Split Case (HSC Pumps)

Products Description

The Flygt split case pump WS is available for flows of up to 14,000l/s (222,000 gpm) and can be installed horizontally or vertically. The HSC pumps from Bell and Gossett features internally self flushing mechanical seals.

Godwin DriPrime Pumps

Godwin DriPrime Pumps

Products Description

Dri Prime pumps do not require priming and are enabled for suction lifts for dewatering pumps. The pump is in conjunction with a compressor which blows air through a nozzle creating suction at the inlet of the pump.

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