Heavy Duty Dewatering Pumps

Some things make a lasting impression
For decades whenever a dewatering challenge seemed too tough or too harsh, the answer has been simple, Flygt BIBO. So how do you improve upon a legend? Simple, we created a new one. Introducing the new Flygt BIBO.

It still has the iconic look; a shape that means stability and robustness. We took our proven hydraulic design and merged it with features that once set the standard in dewatering pumping.

The toughest pumps that ever were

Flygt BIBO 2800 pumps handle flows of up to 100 l/s (1500 GPM), heads to 90 m (300 ft.), and solids of up to 80 mm (3.2 in.) in diameter. Available with power ratings from 3.2 to 18 kW, 50 Hz (5.9 to 27 hp, 60 Hz), Flygt BIBO are designed to stand up for the toughest conditons to handle almost any application.

A new legend is born

You want to be able to switch on our pumps and forget about them. That’s why we have dry running in the basic design, reduced the number of parts to make maintenance and inspection far easier as well as increasing uptime with wear-resistant hydraulics that mean these pumps can take a beating and still keep running.

Over the years Flygt BIBO has meant reliability. Now a new legend rooted in tradition brings dependable dewatering to future generations. Flygt BIBO, still a choice you never regret.

Innovation to battle downtime

We’d love to tell you what we’ve developed to make the Flygt BIBO a pump that just keeps going and going.

Things like wear resistant hydraulics, Dura-Spin™, Spin-Out™ and Hard-Iron™ impeller. However we’re afraid we might put you to sleep. On second thoughts maybe we should, because with the new levels of pump uptime your sleep won’t be interrupted by having to fix pump problem.

Your task. Our force

Whatever the dewatering challenge we have the solution for you. Sludge, slurry, big pumps, small pumps, electrical or diesel driven, corrosive abrasive particles or high pH levels, we have the pump that matches your requirements with a reliability and performance second to none. From the legendary Flygt Bibo to the lightweight Ready, the sturdy Flygt 5000 to the independently-powered Godwin there is no other company that covers the full spectrum of dewatering needs like Xylem. We’ve got your back!

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