Accessories & Spare Parts

A mechanical switch in a plastic casing, freely suspended at the desired height from its own cable. When the liquid level reaches the regulator, the casing will tilt and the mechanical switch will close or break the circuit, thereby starting or stopping a pump or actuating an alarm device.

No wear, no maintenance! In sewage pumping stations, for ground water and drainage pumping - in fact, for most level control applications - the ENM-10 is the ideal solution.

The regulator casing is made of polypropylene and the cable is sheathed with a special PVC compound. The plastic components are welded and screwed together. Adhesive is never used. Impurities and deposits will not adhere to the smooth casing.

The level regulator is available in different versions, depending upon the medium in which it is to be used. As standard, the regulator can be obtained with 6, 13, 20, 30 or 50 metres(20, 42, 65, 100 or 167 ft) of cable for liquids with specific density between 0,95 and 1,10 g/cm³; for other specific densities, the regulator is only available with 20 metres (65 ft) of the cable. The regulator can withstand up to 60º C (140º F).

A number of condition monitoring sensors are available for the ITT FLYGT pump range.

Thermal switches for stator over temperature. CLS for water in oil detection. FLS for the detection of liquid in the stator housing. FLS10 for detection of liquid in the inspection chamber in the new midrange pump series, e.g. 3153, 3171, 3202 and 3301.

Flygt MAS 711 is a pump monitoring system suitable for large Flygt pump models, that is pumps equipped with a separate cable for monitoring. The primary task is to protect the pump in case of failure and to prevent faults from occurring. In case of alarm, MAS has capabilities to present useful information and to communicate it to a higher level system i.e. a central computer. MAS consists of two main parts to be mounted in an electrical cabinet: a Base unit and an Operator panel. There is also an optional Power analyzer. A Pump memory is mounted as standard in all large pumps.

SUBCAB cables are specially made for reliable and long-life operation of Flygt products and are especially well suited for submersible operations. These cables feature, among others, a special tear and abrasion resistant compound with a much higher tensile strength compared to conventional standard cables

Flygt assures customers of an efficient supply chain and the ready availability of spare parts. We guarantee spare part availability up to 20 years after a product is out of production. And our guarantee of spare parts availability is 5 -20 years, depending on the product in operation.

The Flygt Active Seal™ System

The Active Seal system is introduced in a new generation of Flygt Plug-In seals, as well as in many Flygt double seal systems with separate single seals. This zero-leakage system prevents liquid from penetrating into the stator housing. The innovative design lets the inner seal act as a micro-pump, continuously preventing liquid from entering the motor cavity. This creates a pumping action through the rotation of the laser-cut pumping vanes on the seal face. At the same time the outer seal prevents leakage of the pumped media into the buffer chamber.

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