Godwin DriPrime Pumps

  • A fully automatic self-priming pump.
  • Self-priming, completely from dry, with long suction lines.
  • Handles air/liquid mixtures.
  • Rapid priming and repriming in snore conditions.
  • Solids handling.
  • No moving parts in priming system; no need for floats; no complications.
  • Allows operation by unskilled personnel
  • Simple maintenance - can be performed in the field by one person.
  • For dewatering, sewage, sewage sludge, industrial slurries and drainage, and in scavenging situations.
  • Electric drive versions are available, either with built-in compressor or arranged for on-site or shop air to operate the priming system.

Compressed air is blown through a jet into a tapered tube to create a vacuum. Air from the pump casing and suction line is drawn in with the compressed air and exhausted to the atmosphere. Water replaces the air – automatically priming the pump.

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