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Ajay Industries is one of the the leading Water and Waste Water Treatment Company in India, specializing in wastewater treatment technologies such as modified activated sludge process (mASP), Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR), advance attached biological process (AABP), Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR) anaerobic biological treatment and water treatment technologies such as Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nano Filtration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Electro-deionization (EDI).

Ajay Industries provides “One Stop Water & Wastewater Solutions” , covering entire cycle of the water treatment solutions from concept to commissioning. Our competencies include a wide range of integrated services as such process design, engineering, fabrication, testing, installation, commissioning, training to operators, after sales service and maintenance.

Our expertise include high purity water system & wastewater treatment, recycle and reuse solutions for the industries such as pharmaceutical, textiles, chemical, semiconductors, power plant, food & beverages.

We process Sewage and effluent water to meet Pollution control board requirements for discharge and also can be designed for reuse applications using advance recycling technologies.

We offer both standard products and custom designed systems for specialized requirements and needs. Ajay Industries products and optimization services provide huge opportunities to lower energy costs.

With innovative systems in almost every area of water handling, control, treatment and distribution / Generation, Ajay Industries is deeply involved in the cycle of water.

After sales assistance: Technical assistance is executed both at your site and on-line through Ajay Industries is remote diagnostic system. All equipment is backed up with a supply of spare parts regardless of the date of construction, including spot maintenance services.

On-Site Programs: Ajay Industries offers specially designed long-term agreements for maintenance at your site.

Ajay Industries offers Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of wastewater treatment (Industrial & Sewage)

  • Package STP Recycle Plants on SBR Technology
  • Modified activated sludge process (mASP)
  • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
  • Advance attached biological process (AABP)
  • Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR)
  • Anaerobic biological treatment
  • Effluent Recycle Plants on MBR / UF / RO Technology
  • Oxygen Generation & Ozone Generation Plant for Cracking of High COD
  • Advance Oxidation Process (AOP)
  • Soil Bio Technology (SBT)
  • Equipments for Bio-Gas Plants.
  • Accessories and Equipments for treatment plants


Ajay Industries provides readymade as well as custom built treatment plants based on the SBR technology for treatment of municipal sewage as well as industrial effluent. Readymade treatment plants are available in capacities of 110 cubic meter per day ( 0.1 MLD ) to 2300 cubic meter per day ( 2.3 MLD ). These small treatment plants are most suited for residential complexes and small industrial units. Larger treatment plants are custom designed and built at customer location with the SBR technology.

Download Package SBR catalogue ( 827 KB)


Ajay Industries provides custom built treatment plants based on the modified activated sludge process technology for treatment of municipal sewage as well as industrial effluent. The Anaerobic Treatment of waste water is well established process which has wide range of application. This process is being used by most of the industries and more than 80% of the treatment is being undertaken through the use of digesters. Our expertise and in depth knowledge of treatment makes the process even more advanced and efficient. Secondary treatment is achieved by the use of diffused aeration systems. We have highly efficient and economical diffused aeration systems to reduce the oxygen demand of effluents within minimum possible time and with least power consumption. Tertiary treatment is then taken over to eliminate residual contents from the wastewater or effluent. For effluents containing biological waste, we offer digester systems for reclaiming the bio gas from the effluents.


Ajay Industries Do you have an old existing treatment plant either for effluent or sewage, we can refurbish the plant with our new technology and enhance the operation of the plant to obtain better results and make the plant work efficiently and economically. We also take up providing or replacing singular processes into your existing treatment plants. Such as providing and replacement of the aeration system with diffused or coarse bubble aeration system, providing highly efficient mixers and mixing systems for keeping the contents into suspension of the retention basins and digester tanks, providing reliable pumping systems to transfer waste water effluent or slurry. In short whatever be your problem with the treatment plant, we help you to resolve it.


Ajay Industries provides all the major equipments and accessories required for treatment plants may it be sewage transfer pumps, effluent transfer pumps, submersible mixers for retention basins, submersible mixers for bio gas digesters, coarse bubble aerators, fine bubble diffuser aerators, sludge transfer pumps along with starting and control systems for scada based automation of the plants and content measuring instruments pH measuring instruments, gas detectors for hazardous gases.

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