Motors & Industrial Fans

We deal in a broad range of Alstom / Marathon make LT and HT motors also industrial fans. The product range is as specified below.

Three Phase Low Voltage Motors

Low Voltage A.C. Induction Motors Energy Star Series Motors
Challenger Series Motors
Energy efficient ac induction motors from 0.55KW to 380KW, in cast iron moc, 2 pole to 8 pole. TEFC and Nema standard frames available. Tefc Frame sizes 71 to 355. Motors also available in aluminium moc frame 63 to 180.
Flame Proof Motors KF Series Flameproof Motors. TEFC Squirrel cage Flame Proof motors frame 90 to 355. Flameproof Enclosure “d” and standards IS2148, IEC 79-1, BS4683 and EN50018. IS6381 , IS 9628. They are safe to use in the locations where there are explosive mixtures of gas and vapour.
Screen Protected Drip Proof SPDP Motors RW, RS & CW Series Motors SPDP slipring and squirrel cage hollow shaft motors for Vertical Turbine pumps. RW89-RW168 (Conventional Frame). KCW450L-KCW560L (IEC Frame). 75 KW-1100KW, 4 Pole to 10 Pole, Standard-Cast Iron, Optional - M.S. Fabricated.
Crane Duty Motors Crane Duty Squirrel Cage KD Series Crane Duty Squirrel Cage VD Series Crane Duty Slipring Motors KS Series Squirrel Cage Crane Duty motors are available in KD series for conventional and VD series for Inverter Fed supply systems. Frame size 71 to 355L. Power rating in VD series 0.12KW to 560KW. KSE series caters to CMR duty applications and are used in cement, sugar, paper plants. TEFC Slipring CMR duty motors, frame 180 to 355. KS series frames KS112M - 560 LX, Power 2KW to 860KW.
Roller Table Motors Roller Table Motors for Steel Plants. Roller Table Motors as per inter plant steel specification IPSS specification 1-03-007-85. Also suitable for european specifications. Available in frame size 100-315M upto 100kgm, stall time upto 20 minutes, upto 32 poles.

Three Phase Medium and High Voltage Motors

TEFC High Voltage Cage Induction Motors Flowpak Series Motors Medium and High Voltage AC motors have High efficiency - upto 97% (For Flowpak 2) and 96% (Flowpak 3), Low noise level (MSPL) - upto 85 dB (A) at 1 mt. distance with silence arrangements, Low stg. current - upto 550% for 4 Pole, High torque - 80% Voltage Starting on load "square low" drives, Short manufacturing cycle - 12 Weeks, High flexibility - detailed study of market requirements, Low Cost - Internationally Competitive.
CACA High Voltage AC Induction Motors Impak Series Motors
Unipak Series Motors
High Voltage AC Induction Motorsare available Upto 4000 KW range capability, All speeds available, Highest available efficiency - rapid pay-back, High Power Factor - Low Power Cost, 20 years' expected design life at 1000 starts per year, Resivac VPI Insulation System for total winding reliability, Highest quality - lowest maintenance costs, Low Noise Level - Better performance than IS:12065, Low vibration level - conforms to IS:12075, IP 55 enclosure protection as standard on enclosed machines, Factory fixed Air Gap, Compliance with National and International Standards, Built to type N requirements, Upto 11 kV, 50 or 60 Hz. Supply, Low Starting Current design available, Variable speed drive compatibility, Horizontal mounting, Rolling or Plain Bearings, Environmentally friendly motors to meet all drives, Type "e" version available on request, Slipring version available.
Totally Enclosed Tube Ventilated High Voltage Motors. Teepak Series Motors Range : Upto 3000 KW, Poles : Upto 14 Pole, Voltage : Upto 11000 Volt, Frame : 450 – 1000, Insulation : C1-F with rise limit C1-B, Rotor : Squirrel Cage, Mounting : Horizontal & Vertical, Rotation : Uni-direction/Bi-direction, Cooling : IC 0151, Bearing : Grease lubricated anti-friction Rolling Element & oil lubcricated sleeve bearings, Degree of Protection : IP 54, IP 55.

Single Phase Motors

Single Phase General Purpose Motors General Purpose Series Suitable for 230V=+- 10%, 50Hz,1ø supply, Class B insulation, Enclosures available are DP,TEFC,DPFC, Power coated sheet metal body with aluminium or cast iron end covers, Upto 3 HP in 100s frame, CSIR, CSCR, RSIR and permanent split capacitor options available, In house facility for lamination to ensure optimum electrical characteristics, Motors in ball bearing, All angle operation, Mounting: Standard foot/flange/face/case bolt, Pressure diecasted dynamically balanced rotors, Customized motors to suit specific requirements can be provided.
Single Phase Air Conditioner Motors HVAC Purpose Motors Special insulating material on integral stator core reduces leakage current. Precision machined end shields minimise starting friction and reduce bearing load. Cast aluminium fans on rotor ends to provide longer motor life. Two steel-backed tin-babbit bearings minimise abrasive wear,permit accurate bearing tolerance.
Direct Current D.C. Motors D.C. Motors Direct current Dc motors are available in voltage ranges of 12V, 24V, 110V and 200V on request.

Industrial Exhaust Fans and Centrifugal Blowers

Industrial Exhaust Fans and Blowers. Industrial Exhaust Fans
Axial Flow Fans and Centrifugal Blowers.
Industrial Exhaust Fans have Improved aesthetics, Extruded aluminium Carcase, Pressure diecast brackets, Double sealed prelubricated bearings. Large Centrifugal Blowers and Centrifugal Fans are usually made of MS (IS:2062/1079) with extra rigid casing, inspection window & drain plugs, The Impeller is mounted on C-40 (IS:1570) shaft. Double Row self aligned Ball/Spherical Roller Bearings are used to ensure smoothest operation. Fans are either 'V' Belt driven or Direct driven. For High Temperature (1000C to 3500C) application, Aluminium cooling disc is provided & the fans in such cases are painted with Heat Resistant Aluminium paint. Range : Air flow from 1000 m3/hr to 250000 m3/hr with Static pressure from 7.5 mm wg to 350 mm wg subject to a maximum Motor rating of 90 KW. Impeller diameter- 10" to 80" in Single & Double Inlet configuration.

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